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The Minoru Centre for Active Living will house an aquatic centre, seniors centre and amenities to support Minoru Park’s outdoor sports facilities. Located in the heart of the Minoru Civic Precinct, an area in central Richmond that is home to a range of community facilities and amenities, this innovative new complex represents the next step in the evolution of the precinct and a legacy for Richmond residents.

The Minoru Centre for Active Living will truly be the hub of Richmond’s recreational, social and cultural life!

Project Background

Replacement of the Minoru Aquatic Centre and Minoru Place Activity Centre were among Council’s top priorities for its 2011-2014 term. The Minoru Place Activity Centre is inadequate to meet the long-term needs of Richmond’s rapidly growing and diverse population of seniors. The Minoru Aquatic Centre is near the end of its life and is lacking in many of the amenities found in aquatic centres today. The Minoru Centre for Active Living will not just replace these facilities as well as the former Minoru Pavilion; it will be a “Centre of Excellence” for active living and wellness for residents of all ages and abilities.

The Minoru Complex

Anticipated to be completed in 2018, the Minoru Centre for Active Living will be an iconic 110,000 square feet facility located at the southwest corner of the Minoru Civic Precinct. With detailed design completed in December 2015, construction is now underway.

Richmond bc Minoru Map



An aquatic centre featuring:
• two 25-metre pools (one 8-lane tank and one 6-lane tank) with accessible features and varying depths and temperatures, allowing for greater usability and flexibility in programming;
• a large leisure pool with features including a large river run, spray elements and play features
• a wellness area with two hot pools, a cold plunge pool, steam room and saunas; and
• a large change room area featuring a mix of gender-specific and universal change areas.


A seniors centre, designed on two floors with a lounge, full-service cafe, a range of activity rooms, including an arts studio, woodworking shop, billiards/games room, multipurpose rooms and a dedicated entrance and lobby.

Fitness Centre

8,500 square feet of fitness space offering a range of machines and equipment to cater to users of all ages and abilities.

Team Sports

Eight team rooms for sport field users that are accessible from the fields and multipurpose spaces to support tournaments and events.

Food and Beverages Facilities

A full service cafe with a commercial kitchen, as well as a concession that can be accessed from the sport fields.

Outdoor Plazas

Three outdoor plazas surrounding the facility to enhance and support the programming of the facility as well as Minoru Park as a whole.

Public Art

Two major commissions that are currently underway:

Entries and Arrivals Commission: An artwork will animate the entry and arrival zones to welcome visitors and contribute to the sense of place.

Aquatics Commission: "Errant Rain Cloud" by Germaine Koh and Gordon Hicks is a whimsical white cloud that will hang above the leisure pool. The artwork will mimic the natural atmospheric rain cycle and will periodically produce a gentle rainfall for pool users to enjoy.

Minoru Fields 2-084

Explore the revitalized Minoru Park Sports Fields

The redevelopment of the Minoru sports fields is an exciting element of this project. Minoru 2 and Minoru 3/Latrace Field represent the newest artificial turf fields in the City. Minoru 2 is designed to accommodate soccer, field hockey and lacrosse and has been open for play since November 2014. Minoru 3/Latrace Field is designed to accommodate baseball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse.

New field lighting has been installed. Throwing facilities for discus, shot put, hammer and javelin have been improved and expanded and now meet International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) standards.

Final grading and seeding of the western third of the cricket pitch is complete. Two tennis courts have been relocated to the north.