Your Minoru

The public realm component of the Minoru Complex project includes landscaping, wayfinding, pedestrian and vehicular circulation and parking surrounding the new facility.

Endorsed by Council in February 2015, the Minoru Complex Public Realm Plan establishes a vision for the southern half of Minoru Park that will further enhance the park as the centre of recreation and culture in Richmond.

Master Plan

The Master Plan applies to the southern half of Minoru Park. It proposes a series of improvements to improve circulation and connections throughout the park. New barrier free pathways and improved lighting will provide strong connections between the Minoru Complex and the sports fields and park amenities to the north, the Cultural Centre and City Hall to the east, and park access points to the south and west.

Site Plan

The Site Plan provides direction for the public realm immediately adjacent to the Minoru Complex that ensures the approach to and from the new Minoru Complex is universally accessible, maximizes the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, and integrates the
new Minoru Complex seamlessly into the larger park.

The Site Plan features three plazas and an upper terrace that provide gathering spaces, views to the fields and can accommodate community-oriented programming such as festivals, performances and farmer’s markets.


The parking lot adjacent to the Minoru Complex will be reconfigured to ensure adequate parking and improve access and circulation. A significant drop-off zone is planned to provide for efficient drop-off and pick-up, with clear sight lines to the facility entrances.

Access Enhancements

A number of site access enhancements are planned to improve how people arrive and depart from the park, taking into consideration all modes of transportation. These include; a new left-turn exit lane and a full traffic signal (that can be actuated by both vehicles and pedestrians) at the main entrance on Granville Avenue to improve site access and circulation; a right-in-right-out vehicular access on Granville Avenue at the western limit of the site; and the installation of a new pedestrian signal on Granville Avenue near the proposed Minoru Complex entrance.